When I arrived at the atelier and met Maria Rosa I immediately noticed that I was already starting to relax while she explained what we would need to do. It was her voice, the sensitive and empathetic qualities of her ways that could let me stretch, relax and let go, body and soul. The effects of the course were immediate, yet I remember, arriving at her atelier very tense and leaving it relaxed, and this feeling stayed with me throughout the ceremony.
I registered for the course because I wanted to live the celebration of my marriage completely, savouring it and enjoying myself from start to finish. I wanted to be present, excited, and relish all of the most beautiful moments. I didn’t want to be one of the many brides that don’t remember anything of their wedding because they were paralyzed by anxiety and agitation.
The objective was to experience as many different new emotions as possible, enjoy it and have fun.
I am an anxious and very emotional person. I was afraid that the fear would have had the better of me, but it did not. Apart from the moment in which I entered the church when my mouth was dry, everyone told me that I was beaming and I had a relaxed face, and I felt this for real.
During the ceremony there was no need to think about the teachings and advice received because I had already internalized them, I applied them spontaneously. The results were surprising even to me.
Thanks Maria Rosa, you helped make it a day to remember forever.
It was beautiful!

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